Sh Ch Wynsett Xcalaber

Wynsett Xcalaber


27/10/1997- 29/5/2006

Sh Ch Brody dal Podere
At Wynsett (imp)
NL Ch Afterfull Di Val Potenza Ch Full Eboros Dell Angelo
Del Summano
Ira Di Val Potenza Asso Di Val Potenza
Perla Di Val Potenza
Eur Ch Mantegna Ambra Wynsett Explosione of Mantegna Trusco Dell Angelo del Summano del Gaesten
Sacul Romeo Rio of Wynsett
Petra of Mantegna Int Ch Ander
Wynsett Cast a Spell Sh Ch Inostricani Grenadine Inostricani Tardelli Snoopy
Alba dell'Adige
La Traviata of Connomar del Inostricani Max del Biancospino
Diva del Biancospino
Sh Ch Wynsett Dinas’tia Trusco Dell Angelo del Summano del Gaesten Don
Sacul Romeo Rio of Wynsett Gim from Sacul & Nevedith
Odivane Deborah

Although we were smitten after that first visit to Linda’s we didn’t actually become Spinone owned until the Spring of 1997, when Gloria needed a new home. She was a 3 year old white and orange bitch who suffered pyometra and had just been spayed, so when Linda offered to let us have her, how could we possibly refuse!

Mick and Gloria bonded from the outset, she was his girl from day one, she shared his sofa, his food and of course our bed, which was somewhat crowded as Hansel wasn’t one to be left out.

In the Autumn, Linda had two litters, one of Spinoni and the other of cockers, our daughter was desperate for a cocker and Mick was happy for her to have one, after all small dog, plenty of room on the sofa and Jess’ bed!

Linda and I just forgot to mention that I was having one of the Spins, so Mick was somewhat taken aback when we went to fetch Charlie and I carried Lui out to the car too.

Lui was first and foremost my beloved companion, but Linda thought he was good enough to show, so she campaigned him and his sister, Alice throughout the following year. I was thrilled when he was Best Puppy Dog and RBPiS and Alice went Best Puppy Bitch and then Best Puppy in Show at the ISCGB club show, the start of a long and successful show career with Linda.

Linda always said I spoiled him rotten, which was probably true, but he had the personality to go with the good looks that eventually earned him his show title & breed record holder status, which has only been overtaken by the current holder.

He took his 1st RCC at WKC 2000 under Meriel Hathaway and his final CC with BOB at East of England 2005 under Ellis Hulme, in between he was BIS ISCGB 2001, Top Spinone 2002, 1 Group 4, 15 CCs (including Crufts) and 6 RCCs.

He was one of 3 siblings (plus one from a repeat mating) to gain his title and there have only been 3 other litters to achieve this success, all of which have Wynsett breeding behind them.

Lui’s final show was Crufts 2006 where he was best veteran, sadly he suffered from gastric torsion in May and died from complications just 3 weeks later, almost a year to the day after Linda’s death.

Lui was our once in a lifetime dog, he left us with many happy memories and a wall full of rosettes!

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Lui Wynsett Xcalaber Wynsett Xcalaber and Alan Lui with Plate Lui Head Shot Lui in the show ring