History of the Italian Spinone

A short history!

The Italian Spinone is a very old Italian hunting dog bred to put food on the table and that still holds true today, the Italians will proudly let their dogs demonstrate their working abilities.

In the 1950s the pianist Semprini brought two Spinoni to the UK and although the bitch had a litter, it wasn’t until four more Spinoni were imported by Mary Moore and Ruth Tattersall in 1981 that the breed became established in this country. The progeny of these dogs were mated to other imports and these became the foundation stock for a number of enthusiasts, some of whom are still actively involved in the breed.

The Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain was formed in 1983 by this band of dedicated followers and has a current membership, at 2008, of over seven hundred.

A few firsts....

The first Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain Club Open Show was held in 1989, Judge Jean Lanning, where Best in Show was Linda Collins’ Sacul Romeo Rio of Wynsett.

Spinone were granted Challenge Certificate status in 1994 and the first Show Champion was Gallowdyke Wreckless Eric at Sundeala (Kevardhu Fyn x Gallowdyle Pawnee) bred by Piggin and Gadsby, owned by Davies and Gadsby.

The first Championship Show was held in 1994, where Judge Linda Collins awarded Best in Show to the Allisons’ Petra of Mantegna (Int It Ch Ander x Penny).

The first full champion was Ch Sentling Zenzero (Wynsett Jumpin' Jack Flash x Sentling Ancona) bred by Liz and Jonathan Shaw and the first full female champion was Ch Adinas Mughetto JW (Sh Ch Brody del Podere Antico at Wynsett x Sunsanna Donatella of Adinas) bred by Diana Patchett.