Lucoru Midnight Jet



CA status – clear (both parents tested)

Born 21st September 2008

Wynsett Mistero
Hips 4:3
Epithelium Oracolo with Wynsett Epithilium Ippografo Int Ch Afterfull di val Potenza
Chica It & Int Ass Ch Enea di val Potenza
Wynsett Shes a Flirt Sh Ch Brody dal Podere Antico at Wynsett Int Ch Afterfull di val Potenza
Eur Ch Mantegna Ambra
Epithelium Hostaria with Wynsett Int Ch Duca
It Ch Zarina di val Potenza
Sh Ch Wynsett Ruby Tuesday at Lucoru Hips 3:3 Sh Ch Brody dal Podere Antico at Wynsett It Ch Afterful di Val Potenza Ch Full
Ira di val Potenza
Eur Ch Mantegna Ambra Wynsett Explosione of Mantegna
Petra of Mantegna
Wynsett Dynasty Epithelium Oracolo with Wynsett Epithelium Ippograffo
Sh Ch Wynsett Xhibitionist Sh Ch Brody dal Podere Antico t Wynsett
Wynsett Cast a Spell

Jago is owned and cherished by Rob and Sue Blacker-Kyle. I am fortunate to have a vet that will still tail dock provided we can produce the required paperwork and as Rob and Sue are both passionate about their dogs doing what they were bred for, that wasn't a problem. He has followed in Tomas’ footsteps regularly working on the local shoots with his housemates, another Spinone & two Korthal Griffons. Jago had a super start to his show career too, winning BP and BOB at his first Open show, Shropshire Gundog and qualifying for Crufts at his first champ show with a win in the puppy dog class. Sadly, this is one show he won't be able to attend due to the rules imposed about not being able to enter dogs docked after April 2007 at shows where the public pay an entry fee, but it's the thought that counts! After an absence of nearly 3 years from the show ring, Jago came out for Manchester 2013 winning a respectable 3rd in the PGD class, then moved up to Limit for the ISCGB club show, where he won 2nd behind the RDCC winner. In August that year he won the LD class & his stud book number at SKC under Keith Groom, a lovely day for both Rob & Sue and myself as his breeder, as that was a first for my Kennel. At WKC 2014, Jago won his first CC, with BOB, from Mrs Julia Iles-Hebbert, another first for Lucoru, and a few weeks later he took the RDCC at GSOW from judge Mrs Patsy Hollings. At just 6 years old, I feel he has finally matured and hopefully the best is yet to come!

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